Can You Clone Autoflowering Cannabis Plants?Yes, autoflowering cannabis plants can be cloned. However, it’s important to note that autoflowering plants have a limited vegetative phase, which means the time available for cloning is limited as well. Autoflowering plants typically transition from the vegetative to flowering stage based on their internal clock rather than light cycles. This means that clones taken from an autoflowering plant will already begin flowering once they reach a certain age, regardless of the light cycle they’re exposed to.

When cloning autoflowering plants, it’s important to select a healthy and vigorous mother plant. Take cuttings using a sharp and sterile razor blade or scissors, ensuring they have at least 2-3 nodes and removing any excess leaves. Place the cuttings in a rooting medium or clone dome with proper humidity and ensure they receive adequate light. Given that autoflowering plants have a limited vegetative phase, it’s crucial to provide the clones with optimal conditions for rapid root development. Clones can be transplanted into their growing containers once they have established healthy root systems.

Keep in mind that while cloning autoflowering plants is possible, the resulting clones will still follow the genetic traits of the mother plant, including the autoflowering characteristic. Thus, the clones will also have a limited vegetative phase and start flowering at a predetermined age.

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